Changes in JEE, NEET exam rules; here are details


After the government set up the National Testing Agency (NTA), an executive body to conduct various admission tests, it has brought in various changes in its system. In a latest move, the NTA has said that it will set up 3000 centres for JEE-main and NEET-UG 2019 aspirants to practice computer-based test free of cost from August 2018. NTA will also launch a mobile application to help aspirants locate and register themselves for the centres. They will be able to practice for their respective tests on Saturdays and Sundays, according to TOI.

A new set of rules have been prepared and are ready to roll from next year. The competitive exams will be all computerised, meaning the examinations will rely heavily on technological tools like Artificial Intelligence, Psychometric analysis and Computer-based adaptive testing.

Each candidate will now get a unique set of questions, with the software picking questions randomly for candidates.

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