Digital Marketing: A cost-effective way of reaching out to large number of people

digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing:
Digital marketing is marketing through electronic device or the internet. With the penetration of cellphone, embracing digital marketing for corporations and businesses has become necessary to grow in the market. Digital marketing has many advantages — it is cost-effecting and has boundless reach. One can reach out to the audience across the world. Reaching out to vast section of people in person is almost impossible and very costly. That is why the electronic mode of marketing is gaining popularity. However, digital marketing is not easy. To reach out to large number of people, one has to adopt right digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing channels:

One can reach out to the vast section of people through search engines, Google ads, Google Adwods, social media, email, websites, videos, and messaging apps. To reach out to large number of people or customers through these channels, you have to adopt right strategy. Due to wrong fail to grow their reach due to wrong digital marketing strategy. For a website, to come on top in the Google search, strategies like choosing right kind of search engine optimisation (SEO) tools is very important. One can also promote their businesses or websites through other channels too. A perfectly-blend strategy can give you maximum outcome. One can use all these channels for promotion of their venture. More wisely-crafted strategy you adopt, you get better outcome.

What is search engine optimisation or SEO

Search engine optimisation or SEO is a strategy through which one can promote their website for free and this is why it is the most preferred mode of promotion. With the help of SEO one can reach out to large number of people. Search engine optimisation or SEO is done through keywords. SEO experts analyse the most searched keywords and accordingly they use those keywords for promotion of various online platforms. Suppose one wants to sell shoes, the person has to understand which are the keywords customers are searching in that category. If you can pick right kind of keywords then are chances that your platform will be able to reach out to large number of people.

Social Media Marketing:
Social Media Marketing is a marketing strategy which is gaining popularity among the marketers very fast. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkdIn, Google+, among others, are now preferred medium for businesses, corporations, individuals, government, NGOs, farmer groups and religious groups. These days large corporations allocate large budget for promotion on these platforms. Multi-national companies (MNCs) spend crores of rupees to promote their products or brand on these platforms. These companies also hire trained social digital marketers to reach out to the maximum number of people on these platforms.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is reaching out to large number of people through email. Email can be sent to large number of people with a tab of computer key. Through emails, you can send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations. You can also use this medium to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Marketing emails are sent with the purpose of enhancing a merchant’s relationship with current or previous customers, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business, acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something, and sharing third-party advertisement.

Messaging Apps:

As messaging apps like WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook Messenger are very popular among people, these apps can be useful medium for reaching out to large number of people. Often MNCs, news channels promote their contents through these medium. However, in recent months, WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in India, received warning from the government for allowing inappropriate contents on its platform.

To promote products, content, ideology or anything else on these platforms, a wisely-crafted strategy can only work. One can use all the platforms to promote whatever they want. These startegies are mostly free.

However, there are paid promotion startegies too. One can promote their things with paid services like Adword on Google, Facebook paid promotion, YouTube Ads, paid email services, paid SMS services, etc. To get maximum return, one has to adopt digital marketing strategies very wisely.

Digital marketing courses in Delhi:
There are various institutes in Delhi and NCR offer Digital Marketing courses. However, these courses are often not up to the mark because of lack of faculty members. These institutes charge ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 70 thousants for 3-4 months course. Most of these Digital Marketing institutes in Delhi and Noida make tall claims, but when it comes to teaching they provide sub-standard contents and training. However, there are many online courses available online which are cheap and good.

However, institutes like IIT Delhi also offer Digital Marketing focused marketing course.

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