Infosys launches learning app for students- Check how to download

InfyTQ learning app
InfyTQ learning app

Infosys, India’s second-largest IT firm, today launched a digital platform called ‘InfyTQ’ to offer learning and engagement experiences to engineering students. InfyTQ is open to all engineering students across India and it is a free platform, Infosys said in a statement. It is open to all third and fourth years of engineering students. The app will help them become industry-ready by imparting technical and professional skills, Infosys said in a statement.

InfyTQ will offer content, courses, news as well as online assessments and certification. It will be available on both mobile and desktop. The Infosys app will help students to keep up with the latest happenings and familiarise themselves with the company’s culture and value system.

Through this platform, students will be able to learn anytime and anywhere. As the company will transfer digital skills and expertise from the Infosys innovation ecosystem, the students will be benefited from the latest updates. It will offer to enable virtual programming environments and advanced learning materials for students to further hone their technical skills.

There will be practical and conceptual aspects of technology which include extensive hands-on learning to aid application in the real world. It will also offer courses on professional skills. The students will be able to exploit Infosys’ vast repository of technical knowledge resources.

How to download the InfyTQ App?
It is very easy. You have to go to Google PlayStore,  type InfyTQ on the search bar the app will appear. You can download it from there. The students may visit the company’s website for details about the app and its usability.

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