PM Modi announces Rs 1,000-cr financial aid for IIT-Bombay

IIT Bombay
IIT Bombay

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay will get Rs. 1000 financial aid, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday announced. The Prime Minister said IIT students built the IT sector of India brick by brick. He said that innovations and enterprise are going to be the foundation stone for making India a developed economy. PM Modi said that a long-term sustainable technology-led economic growth is possible on this foundation.

He said any society, which does not innovate will stagnate and India is emerging as a hub for start-ups which shows the thirst for innovation. “We must make India the most attractive destination for innovation and enterprise.Prime Minister Modi appealed to youth to innovate in India for the betterment or development of the society.

“My appeal to youngsters is – Innovate in India, Innovate for humanity, from mitigating climate change to ensuring better agricultural productivity, from cleaner energy to water conservation, from combating malnutrition to effective waste management,” he said.

He said the nation is proud of the IITs and what IIT graduates have achieved and its success led to the creation of engineering colleges around the country. India is one of the world`s largest pools of technical manpower because of IITs.

PM Modi said that the students in the IIT represent the diversity of India. Students here are from different states and it represents India’s diversity. The Prime Minister said let us affirm that the best ideas will come from Indian laboratories and from Indian students.

PM Modi also inaugurated the new building of the Department of Energy Science and Engineering and Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay.

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