These BMC school students come together to fight tobacco menace, malnutrition

fight against tobacco, BMC school students
BMC school students fight against malnutrition, tobacco
World Cancer Day: Tobacco is responsible for many diseases including heart, lungs, brain and mouth cancers we know it yet it is not easy to leave the habit of its consumption. We often hear the phrase on television that “Tobacco causes cancer” yet do not attach much attention to it. Ahead of World Cancer Day, some 250 students from 350 BMC schools have come together with the tagline “Hum bacchoka ek hi nara, swasthapurna jeevan hamara” to fight against the tobacco menace and to work towards a healthy future with nutritious foods.
NM Joshi school in Lower Parel was dotted with an array of stalls on Tuesday, manned by a youngster who is accompanied by his mothers. You could see the mother and the child were explaining some simple ways of cooking nutritious food using ingredients found on kitchen shelves at a very low cost. These stalls were to inform poor children how they can get a sufficient amount of nutrition from the food.
This initiative was taken as research showed that most of the students from municipal schools belong to poor families, and there are widespread malnutrition problems. This is due to families are unaware of what constitutes proper nutrition and the correct way to cook food so that vitamins and minerals are preserved. These children were also creating awareness against tobacco menace.
Bal Parishad event was organised by NGO Salaam Bombay Foundation ahead of World Cancer Day that is observed on February 4. “Youngsters have great power to bring about a positive change in the society and carve their own future. Till now our Bal Parishad focused mainly on the issue of tobacco control and our students tried to find solutions to tackle it,” said Tshering Bhutia, Vice President, Projects (Preventive Health & Research) Salaam Bombay Foundation.

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