Top IITs, IIMs bag 137% and 121% higher salary compared to other institutes

IIM-A, IIM Ahmedabad
IIM-A, IIM Ahmedabad

The hiring trends of the management institutes show that graduates from the top Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) received 121 percent higher salary packages than an average MBA graduate. On the other hand, graduates from the top Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) bagged 137 percent higher entry-level packages compared to the average salary of an engineer.

A region-wise analysis of management institutions shows West India held a leading position with 17 percent higher compensations than the average salary recorded. In addition, graduates from the technology domain received the highest average salary package of Rs 14.8 lakh per annum after MBA. General Management roles accounted for the maximum number of hires at 31 percent, while roles in senior management were the highest paid jobs commanding 118 percent more than the average salary of MBA graduates, a study conducted by Mettl showed.

The survey was conducted across 114 engineering and 80 management institutes during the recently concluded campus placement season across different regions in India. Candidates proficient in new-age skills like Machine Learning and Data Science were hired in large numbers from the top IITs.

The new IITs are catching up fast with top NITs in terms of compensation packages offered. The CS/IT graduates of new IITs have surpassed top NITs package.

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